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Machais Jail Cook Exposed Himself To An Inmate - Nov. 02, 2018

On August
7th of this year it was reported to a Corrections Supervisor that a
cook at the Washington County Jail had exposed himself to an inmate.
This information was immediately reported to the Jail Administration.

The next
day on August 8th, the cook suspected of indecent conduct was denied
any further access to the jail. That same day, due to the possible
criminal nature of the complaint involving the Washington County
employee, the jail administration requested assistance from the
Hancock County Sheriff's Office to investigate the complaint.

A detective
from the Hancock County Sheriff's Office conducted an investigation
which took almost three months. As a result of the investigation,
Dakota Robinson, 22, of Machias has been summonsed for 2 counts of
Indecent Conduct (Class E) and Trafficking of Tobacco in Adult
Correctional Facility(Class E). Robinson is scheduled to appear in
court on December 4, 2018 in Machias to answer to the three charges.

Robinson is
no longer employed by the Washington County Jail.