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Using Cell While Driving 172.50 Fine. NB - Apr. 29, 2018

During the month of May the West District RCMP will crack down on drivers in the St. Stephen and McAdam areas using electronic devices. The operation will go on for the entire month of May.

 "This is a follow up to a similar operation that took place in April of 2017 and while there has been a reduction in drivers using their cell phones; we know that it is still happening in our local communities" said Sgt. Pete Stubbs. "Taking your eyes off the road to operate any handheld device takes a driver's attention from the safe operation of a vehicle and can lead to a serious or fatal crash."

 Talking, texting, or holding onto your phone while driving as well as operating a GPS, or any other handheld electronic device, is considered part of distracted driving under the Motor Vehicle Act of New Brunswick.

 There will be zero tolerance for drivers that use their cell phone while driving and a ticket will be issued. Drivers choosing to use their cell phones, can expect to receive a $172.50 fine.

 Sgt. Pete Stubbs