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CRH Rose Room Services Suspended - Apr. 10, 2018

Press Release

Rose Room Services Suspended
Calais Regional Hospital leadership remains committed to working towards financial stability to ensure the hospital continues to be able to provide high quality patient care. With a review of our Infusion Services Department, or Rose Room, it has become apparent the hospital is unable to currently sustain the program financially. Rose Room services will be suspended as of May 1.

Rose Room services had to be reduced last year for some of the more expensive medication services. Infusion medications can be extremely expensive and range from a few hundred dollars to more than $14,000. Not to mention the overhead costs, supplies and staffing expenses. With extremely low cash on hand, there is no room to shuffle the costs around while waiting for reimbursement for services.

Over the last two quarters the Rose Room has been seeing an average of 1.4 patients per day. These patients are being notified of the upcoming change, as well as referring providers. CRH staff will help patients facilitate transfer for alternate treatment options. The service will be reassessed this Fall for reinstatement, dependent on the hospital's financial condition.
As responsible stewards of the hospital, leadership has undertaken numerous efforts to lower operating costs. Those efforts include decreasing temporary staff utilization, reducing management, adjusting and eliminating service lines, decreasing supply costs by maximizing group purchasing opportunities and improved billing and collection processes. But these measures are not enough to offset the continued decline in the community’s use of our available services.

Our staff work diligently every day to provide high quality service to our community, while also constantly looking for all opportunities small and large to improve the financial issues. However, this is not a battle our staff can win on their own. This is a community battle, if we intend to win it.

DeeDee Travis
Community Relations