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Critics say Maine slow to expand opioid care for uninsured - Feb. 16, 2018


The state says five uninsured Mainers benefited last year from a multi-million plan that was supposed to combat the opioid crisis by expanding treatment to as many as 400 individuals.

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services reported this month that the agency is now working on nine contracts that could serve up to 144 more uninsured individuals.

MaineCare Services Director Stefanie Nadeau said the Opioid Health Home model provides "whole-person treatment" for opioid abusers. But critics say the state has been far too slow to roll out the program at a time when one Mainer a day is dying of drug overdose.

Malory Shaughnessy from the Maine Alliance for Addiction and Mental Health Services said requirements for Opioid Health Homes are too restrictive.