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Keep an Eye Out for Kids This School Year - Sep. 04, 2017

Rep. Tuell Urges Motorists to Keep an Eye Out for Kids This School Year
Representative Will Tuell (R-East Machias) has teamed up with WQDY Radio to raise awareness about back to school safety as kids head back to school.
"Particularly in this day and age when people are being pulled in all kinds of different directions, I think we just need to slow down, keep an eye out for kids walking, biking, or getting off the bus. Tragedy can happen in a split second, and our area has had more than enough to go around this past summer."
Tuell, along with other community leaders from around Washington County, have recorded a series of public service advertisements to air over the next few weeks on WQDY/WCRQ radio.
"I think it's great that WQDY does this," Tuell said. "It's coming from local people who live, work, and are extremely involved in our communities, people that local folks know, and have some connection with. And if that's what it takes to make a difference, I think it's a good thing."