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Man says he was baffled. - Mar. 28, 2017

A New Brunswick man says he was baffled when a letter from the Canada Revenue Agency arrived  addressed to his estate rather than to the healthy, very much alive 64 year old.

Peter Harwerth of Campobello Island says he had received a letter in the mail from the agency a few days ago.

Harwerth told Global News he was mystified by the letter, which was a regular tax reassessment.

The problem was that the couple had not yet received their original assessment after the taxes were filed last year.

Harwerth says he expected to receive a refund of about $1,100, but the assessment said he owed more than $500 and that he had already received the refund, even though he had not.

Harwerth says Revenue Canada told the couple their refund cheques had been cashed just days after they had been issued, but could not explain why he had been declared dead.

The agency is investigating.